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Paket Wedding Internasional

Ferry Christine
Paket Wedding Internasional

All I Need

You are someone special
I knew this from the start
Your kindness and your smile
Just lighten up my heart

So funny and so caring
So honest and so true
There is not a single thing
I wouldn’t do for you

You are there whenever I need you
You never let me down
Managing to cheer me up
And turning my frown around

There are not many people like you
You’re certainly one of a kind
If there is one thing I am certain of
You are always on my mind

Who knows where this road will take us
Or where the path will lead
But know I’ll always be here for you
Because you are all I need

– Lee Masters -faucibus facilisis nisl vulputate. Vivamus interdum id urna ut sagittis.


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